Wednesday, October 1, 2008

how to create a smart kid (2)

no 2:

Not many know that this simple technique can boost your child brain's development, their intelligence.
but before we are getting deeper into this topic, i want to ask you something.
Have you ever heard these words "parents are the best teachers!"?
yes, i think you've heard it.
but how about, "time is money!", the answer must be = "OF COURSE".
do you know there is A BIG difference between these two?

the first one is you seldom hear it, actually easy to understand but too hard to be applied.

the second one, we've heard it a lot, we try to apply it everyday and the worst is when we did it, we accidentally abandoned our child's right.
sometimes, this is the reason why many parents left their child to their nannies most of the time.
i do not meant that we do not need nannies, i myself need them ><. what we want to reach here is the assistance of a nanny will not abandon our child's right to get the interaction from us, what i meant is the "BEST INTERACTION" that they should get will be from US! their parents! and i do not think that they will get it from the others, agree?
I think we should have realized it that children are gifts from heaven.

do you know? scientist found out that babies who were not loved, even played with have a very slowed brain development, sometimes they became depressed and eventually died.

while many studies shown interacting has a very strong effect on developing their intelligence.
hugging, kissing, talking, story telling are some of the interactions that they should have it everyday.
of course they could get it from others not us but the "quality" of the interactions they got from others is the one that we should asked to our self.

HOW MUCH did they get? it is very important question.
many "helpers" or the one that taking care our kids, while we are not around, are not as good as we are around. sometimes they just pretended to be good.
then this become a trouble.
i am very sure that many parents in this world are asking the same question like mine," are my kids safe at home?" or "are they being take good care from...? "

as a parent, we simply want to give them all the best we can, right?
Now, let us try to give them the best interaction that they could ever get, which is from us, their parents!
once we are in office, at the break time, once in a while we call them, just to sing or laughing with.
at home : singing to or with them, reading books together, telling a story before sleep, ah... so many activities that we can do with them.

with so many good-quality- interactions we can be hope for a good development in their intelligence too.
then we will see, what we've planted today, that's what we are going to harvest tomorrow.

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