Wednesday, October 8, 2008

how to create a smart kid (3)


step no 3.
it is very to important to understand how a good environment (neighborhood) can help our children to get a better brain development.
the more attractive or variations it has, the better effect they'll get.

Introduce colors, shapes, places, different person, different situations or even different toys to them, it's all because these are good for brain stimulation and in fact it can increase the brain intelligence easier.
remember the more it received, the better it will be?
then this is our duty to give them a good environment.
we can start by:
decorating our kid's room by placing pictures, different objects or even applying different colors to the room.
asking them to go out to new places (beach, park, zoo, mountain,...)
meeting new people, in your neighborhood, in the office, markets, ...

playing an acting role with them.

asking them to look for detailed in an object," take a stone, observe it, and ask them it's color, shape, texture,..."
it is not hard right?
it's all depend on us.
depend on...
our decision, how far we can go with all of these.
But i am very sure that all of us will gladly do whatever it takes for their future.
Be the best parent as possible as we can.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

how to create a smart kid (2)

no 2:

Not many know that this simple technique can boost your child brain's development, their intelligence.
but before we are getting deeper into this topic, i want to ask you something.
Have you ever heard these words "parents are the best teachers!"?
yes, i think you've heard it.
but how about, "time is money!", the answer must be = "OF COURSE".
do you know there is A BIG difference between these two?

the first one is you seldom hear it, actually easy to understand but too hard to be applied.

the second one, we've heard it a lot, we try to apply it everyday and the worst is when we did it, we accidentally abandoned our child's right.
sometimes, this is the reason why many parents left their child to their nannies most of the time.
i do not meant that we do not need nannies, i myself need them ><. what we want to reach here is the assistance of a nanny will not abandon our child's right to get the interaction from us, what i meant is the "BEST INTERACTION" that they should get will be from US! their parents! and i do not think that they will get it from the others, agree?
I think we should have realized it that children are gifts from heaven.

do you know? scientist found out that babies who were not loved, even played with have a very slowed brain development, sometimes they became depressed and eventually died.

while many studies shown interacting has a very strong effect on developing their intelligence.
hugging, kissing, talking, story telling are some of the interactions that they should have it everyday.
of course they could get it from others not us but the "quality" of the interactions they got from others is the one that we should asked to our self.

HOW MUCH did they get? it is very important question.
many "helpers" or the one that taking care our kids, while we are not around, are not as good as we are around. sometimes they just pretended to be good.
then this become a trouble.
i am very sure that many parents in this world are asking the same question like mine," are my kids safe at home?" or "are they being take good care from...? "

as a parent, we simply want to give them all the best we can, right?
Now, let us try to give them the best interaction that they could ever get, which is from us, their parents!
once we are in office, at the break time, once in a while we call them, just to sing or laughing with.
at home : singing to or with them, reading books together, telling a story before sleep, ah... so many activities that we can do with them.

with so many good-quality- interactions we can be hope for a good development in their intelligence too.
then we will see, what we've planted today, that's what we are going to harvest tomorrow.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

how to create a smart kid(1)

Bright kid is the outcome of a bright brain. A child's brain grows from the interactions between him/her and the neighborhoods. If the brain gets more exercised or more stimulants then the more experience it receives.
sound, sight, touch, taste and smell stimulate and can create the brain's cell connections (synapses)
the more interactions it has the greater number of synapses created, finally the brighter your child will be.
there are some steps to create a brighter kid...

1. give them a good diet, nutritious food.
this is the very basic and important step. because nutritious food is like your child's brain ammunitions.

food like cereal, dried beans, cheese, milk, fish, ... are good diets for them.
children who lack from this nutritious food seem to be late behind in their brain development.
if you think by giving them all the courses in hoping to make them brighter--think again!
it seems like, you have a room, you decorate it with so many pictures, good paintings, with an artistic lamp but you forget to strengthen the wall.
our kids need a good diet!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

just a simple logic-factorial-math counting

as you may know when dealing with factorial, such:
1! = 1
2! = 1 x 2
3! = 1 x 2 x 3
...sometimes we've met some interesting problems, like this one:

what number is in the last digits of ...
1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + 5! + ... + 208! + 209!

see the answer...

1! = 1
2! = 1 x 2
3! = 1 x 2 x 3
and for n! with n>4, you'll get
n! = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x ... x (n-1) x (n).
with 2 x 5 = 10
it means for all n>4, the last digit is always 0.
then to find the answer what we only need just 1! + 2! +3! + 4! = 1 + 2 + 6 + 24 = 33
so the answer is 3.
all the best for you.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

this one is an easy- math question.

when we dealing with math question that looks hard, sometimes what we need only a simple math technic or math faster counting method to apply.

try to evaluate the positive value of:

the answer is ...

let the value be x, so:

take square for both sides,

as you know


as you can see... now we get a quadratic equation, then we simply need to solve this quadratic equation

no need to find the other one, coz we only take the positive value!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

solve this math-surd form!

in the study of indices and surd, sometimes we've encountered hard questions, like this one.

try to evaluate the value of:

the answer is...


all the best for you!!!
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Friday, September 19, 2008

how we can have a better happy life (3).

Make your life Simple!
In our life, sometimes we did something impractically or even in a complicated way.
whenever your friend invited you to come to his/her birthday, you said"um...i'm not sure i can come to your party, cause you know
i'm very ... or i' m worried about ... " then at the end you would said"i will try my best to be there!" just to pleased them, or...

when your parent asked you to come by after work for a dinner, you said", i think i would not be able to....or i don't know if i could make it on time or not, cause you know how "crowded" it is on the street in that time...", or...
when your partner asked you to accompany him/her, you said," oh dear...i think it is not the right know i've been busy with this...but let me check again my ...."

all of the above descriptions is simply need a yes or no answer!
but sometimes we think so hard to answer it.
our energy is being wasted everytime we try to answer this in a complicated way!
and in doing this, you make: yourself, your life looks more complicated.
it will drive people, even friend away from you.
just be simple!!!
don't make your life "FULL" with unnecessary decisions.
try to be SIMPLE and you'll see what effect does it has for you.
One thing for sure, it makes your life better.
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