Thursday, July 10, 2008

kids are gifts from Heaven

I believe kids are gifts from heaven.
From the time they were born we can feel it, they look so powerless yet strong with their cry, they look so helpless but they were circled by helpful people, they see future in blur but parent's vision for them are clear.
Their laugh are the cures for all of our burdens, their cry are the calls for our ego, their calls are the need for our warmth.
As the parents, we have to take good care of them, teach and guide them as good as possible, no matter who we are, what we are and how busy we are.
As long as we want to learn how to be a good parent, we'll find a way.
In the future, if you wanna be a better-happy parent, love and teach your children from now .
Remember they were born because we want to and not because they want it.
Happy parents-children-days.


Bill Masson said...

Hi i love your attitude towards your kids and you certainly have a way with words, so why dont you write some poetry.
Kind Regards

mamo. said...

thanks bill..for the support
i'll keep that in mind..poetry...poetry

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