Wednesday, October 8, 2008

how to create a smart kid (3)


step no 3.
it is very to important to understand how a good environment (neighborhood) can help our children to get a better brain development.
the more attractive or variations it has, the better effect they'll get.

Introduce colors, shapes, places, different person, different situations or even different toys to them, it's all because these are good for brain stimulation and in fact it can increase the brain intelligence easier.
remember the more it received, the better it will be?
then this is our duty to give them a good environment.
we can start by:
decorating our kid's room by placing pictures, different objects or even applying different colors to the room.
asking them to go out to new places (beach, park, zoo, mountain,...)
meeting new people, in your neighborhood, in the office, markets, ...

playing an acting role with them.

asking them to look for detailed in an object," take a stone, observe it, and ask them it's color, shape, texture,..."
it is not hard right?
it's all depend on us.
depend on...
our decision, how far we can go with all of these.
But i am very sure that all of us will gladly do whatever it takes for their future.
Be the best parent as possible as we can.


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