Monday, September 29, 2008

how to create a smart kid(1)

Bright kid is the outcome of a bright brain. A child's brain grows from the interactions between him/her and the neighborhoods. If the brain gets more exercised or more stimulants then the more experience it receives.
sound, sight, touch, taste and smell stimulate and can create the brain's cell connections (synapses)
the more interactions it has the greater number of synapses created, finally the brighter your child will be.
there are some steps to create a brighter kid...

1. give them a good diet, nutritious food.
this is the very basic and important step. because nutritious food is like your child's brain ammunitions.

food like cereal, dried beans, cheese, milk, fish, ... are good diets for them.
children who lack from this nutritious food seem to be late behind in their brain development.
if you think by giving them all the courses in hoping to make them brighter--think again!
it seems like, you have a room, you decorate it with so many pictures, good paintings, with an artistic lamp but you forget to strengthen the wall.
our kids need a good diet!

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