Friday, July 18, 2008

how to be great in mathematics(2)

always tell yourself," math is easy!".

this is the first thing that we need to fully understand about before studying math.
maybe you'll say," yeah right, it's is easy for you!"

and i say,"yeah you just say it...easy for...?".
when people said "easy" in whatever their topics are, it means that something that can be finished in no time with perhaps with no sweat at all.
this is an illustration for "easy" concept,
suppose you are a team leader in a company which just have been chosen to lead a big project that you've never experience before and most of your partners in your team seems doing "step-back" from being charged to details,...
what will you do?...
what will you say to encourage your team members?
you know this task has to be done!
some people sometimes do what we called "white lie", in this case maybe you are going to say," don't worry, we'll finish this task in no time, all we need is the cooperation, guts and spirits!"
you see…? the concept of "easy" is being applied to achieve what we called strength or confidence to overcome trouble.

OR have you seen many ads lately say something like” make easy money…with easy method, only…” or “easy way to earn your income…just…” or when you are going to have examination,“don’t worry, that’s easy!”Said by your school teacher? Can you get all those EASY words purposes to? All those use to stimulate your brain! To be open for the next coming info!! Get it…?

when we applied this”easy” concept when dealing with the study of mathematics, automatically it will eliminates the fear for math and it builds the strength of our mind to be ready to overcome the problems. ALL THE BEST FOR YOU!!!

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