Friday, September 19, 2008

how we can have a better happy life (3).

Make your life Simple!
In our life, sometimes we did something impractically or even in a complicated way.
whenever your friend invited you to come to his/her birthday, you said"um...i'm not sure i can come to your party, cause you know
i'm very ... or i' m worried about ... " then at the end you would said"i will try my best to be there!" just to pleased them, or...

when your parent asked you to come by after work for a dinner, you said", i think i would not be able to....or i don't know if i could make it on time or not, cause you know how "crowded" it is on the street in that time...", or...
when your partner asked you to accompany him/her, you said," oh dear...i think it is not the right know i've been busy with this...but let me check again my ...."

all of the above descriptions is simply need a yes or no answer!
but sometimes we think so hard to answer it.
our energy is being wasted everytime we try to answer this in a complicated way!
and in doing this, you make: yourself, your life looks more complicated.
it will drive people, even friend away from you.
just be simple!!!
don't make your life "FULL" with unnecessary decisions.
try to be SIMPLE and you'll see what effect does it has for you.
One thing for sure, it makes your life better.

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