Sunday, September 7, 2008

how to solve a Rubik's cube(2)

but if the red yellow edge piece is somewhere in the middle layer, but it's in the wrong place or flipped the wrong way, hold the cube so that the red-yellow edge is in the front-right position and do:
U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F or Ui Fi U F U R Ui Ri
after the move now the piesce os on the top layer, and you can solve it like the step 3 above. repeat this process for all the other 3 middle-layer edge.

step no 4 :
solve the top layer edges.
your goal is to make the blue cross like step no 1.
with any front face you do:
F R U Ri Ui Fi
repeat until you get the blue cross.

to be continued...

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leonore said...

omg, i just can stare at rubik's...never did I touch and try waterloo is your good at it! Cheers! You want Phil pictures? OK...I'll try it...

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