Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How We Can Have a Better Happy Life(2)

2. be a cheerful person.
have you ever heard these phrases:
" smile can light up the world"
" one cup of smile to start your day"
" serve with smile!"
" no smile no life!"
" smile for your health!" and still so many other phrases using "smile"

do you know, from a research of a group of scientists and mathematicians, it turned out that:

it's only take a very little energy for smiling,
it is about 0.1% of the energy needed when you were angry or sad,

BUT the effect is very POWERFUL, it can change people!!!

their moods, feelings, spirits, life, a little sincere smile do a lot of changes ...
YES it DOES!!! when you smile you spread happiness to others, this for sure will
make them feel better, being more welcome and in return it will makes you also being
more welcome in the neighborhood.
smiling also spread goodness, melt a freeze situation, boost the working spirits, and in
return it will make you look more attractive.
the people around you will be infected by You!
and don't be surprised if one day when you are not around, many people will look for you
just to have a few chat with you.
they already fell in love with your presence---your smile make this happened.
i think now we know how Powerful a simple word "smile" is.

BY the way, who on EARTH doesn't want to be surrounded by nice-helping-
I Certainly do!

and NOW how about you?
don't you think this simple word "smile" is going to be very useful for us to become a better-

give this world your smile...and it will give you back a TONS of happiness!!!

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Anonymous said...

Smile is truly a powerful word, I totally agree..

it's free....

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