Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How WE can HavE a-BettEr-hAppY- Life(1)

Don't you realize that we live a life that 95% of our activities { source: my math-thoughts ;-)} have been patterned or programmed like a MaChiNe! you may BELIEVE it or not...,
when you:
...wake UP in the morning- it's have to be around A certain time!
...go to a certain place everyday-by your special "ENGINE":foot-bike-car-etc
...seeing the same people -everyday
...doing the same things-with a common technique-everyDay!
...and all the things that we've done in our life seems to be a-b-c-d....!!
IMAGINE it, if we do this everyDAY without feeling "good" or "happy" in doing these, would we not be a ROBOT?
so what are the points of doing all those things?
i believe all of you answers would be around "TO GET A beTTEr -HapPy LIFE!!!" , right?
here are the tips how we can have a better-happy-life while we are doing those a-b-c-d...:

1. Be grateful:
once you awake, don't forget to thankful GOD for the chance to have another day to live, to be
where you are right now, to be able to finish our study, to have all the "little or PLENTY" things we have, to have a family
like you have now...and remember there are so many people in this world that are not as
lucky as us.
If you are a parent, PLEASE look your sleeping baby's face, do this for at least two minutes
and think all the funniest-craziest-unforgettable moments you have with them and remember not many people can experience those moments.
What you have been planning or what the best you've planned for them in the future and how it worked out for you! you know not many people have a chance to fulfill it....some are not even have the CHANCE to dream it!
now AT LEAST you have one reason why you should be grateful in this LIFE!!!
to be continued...


jovanka said...

i agree, sometimes people do not realise, how we should live our short life, nice post, btw when are you going to continue this...i am waiting.

roy said...


it's free....

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